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We’re trying to bring Spirituality in all the travel you do for your Soul

If you are the one who wants to do more than just exist then Life begins at the end of your Comfort zone. We believe one should Fill your life with adventures, Not Just things. Everyone should have stories to tell not stuff To show. We believe that Jobs will just fill your Pockets, but Travel fills your Soul. For believers like us, we have got a home now. Welcome to The World of Indian Spirituality and Travel. 

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We Deliver Exceptional Services For Your Spiritual Travel


We Provide information & can curate specific Ittenary for Mythological significance trails of India so that the explorer in you never dies. For Example: If you want to travel to all places where Lord Shri Ram traveled during his journey as per our mythology, we try to curate a complete itinerary for you. On other hand let's say you are at a place and you want to know the mythological significance of that place we are a one-stop solution for you. 


Read & Learn

We Try to share knowledge available with us on Indian Mythology. Our Vedas, Upnishads, and other manuscripts. If someone is willing to read & explore, we currently have 120+ different Indian manuscripts for you to explore, all in PDF format for you to read digitally. 

WHY INdia Spiritual Trail

A different approach, for all those travel enthusiast & adventure junkies who travel to find #NIRVANA